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    2856 Arrested For Drunk Driving

    Drunk Driving Arrests South Africa
    As we head into the final few weeks of the year we’re seeing evidence of the silly season popping up all around us. But along with the year-end office parties, baubles and bunting comes the inevitable reality that some drivers will be hitting the road after having a few too many. And while some might feel they can handle a lot more than what is legally permitted, the law is very clear on what it considers the limit to be and the consequences of crossing that boundary.

    Commenting on the festive season death tolls in 2013, Road Traffic Management CEO Collins Letsoala said that alcohol contributed to 60% of road accidents a year in South Africa. A staggering 1 221 people lost their lives in December 2013 alone, while 2 856 spent their Christmas behind bars as a result of drunk driving.

    In South Africa the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05g per 100ml. Alcohol is measured in units, and one unit is equal to 0.02g blood alcohol.

    How does your favorite tipple measure up?
    1 x 75ml glass of wine = 1 unit
    1 x 250ml glass of wine = 3.3 units
    1 x shot/shooter = ½ unit in most instances
    1 x spirit cooler = about 1.25 units
    1 x beer = 1.5 units or possibly more
    1 x cider = 2 units
    1 x 25ml tot of spirits = 1 unit
    1 x cocktail = between 2 and 4 units

    The rule of thumb is a maximum of one unit of alcohol per hour. Once the alcohol enters your system your liver needs time to process it. Water, coffee or a cold shower won’t have any affect. There aren’t any quick fixes and should you get arrested for driving under the influence the only thing fixed is the fact that you will be needing an SD Law & Associates bail attorney. Getting arrested for driving under the influence is not only humiliating and stressful, but it could result in a permanent record which influences more than just your ability to drive a car.

    To avoid any permanent impact it’s important to follow these instructions:

    • Remain calm. Your demeanor during the arrest will influence your chances of being granted bail.
    • Take note of the entire conversation but pay specific attention to what the arresting officer says when he/she reads you your rights or if they do so at all.
    • If force is used, do not retaliate but take note.
    • Take note of whether or not a warrant is presented to you.
    • Call an SD Law & Associates bail attorney as soon as possible and share the location of the police station you’ll be taken to.

    In case of a bail emergency contact SD Law & Associates on 076 116 0623.

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