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    Bail Application Process

    Bail application process & procedure in Cape Town

    How it works

    The bail application process is a sensitive step-by-step procedure. It is crucial to understand the overall bail procedure, including who to deal with, as a wrong step in the bail application process usually affects the surety and/or arrestee disastrously.

    We can help you make the right decisions. Learn more about Bail Surety

    Bail application process in a nutshell:

    1. Police arrest the accused.
    2. The accused is informed of his/her rights by the arresting law enforcement officer.
    3. Police take the accused to the nearest police station.
    4. Police give the accused the opportunity to call someone.
    5. The accused calls a criminal defence bail attorney or someone who will contact an attorney on the accused’s behalf.
    6. The criminal defence attorney arrives at jail, initiating and managing the bail application procedure.
    7. The criminal defence attorney negotiates the bail price.

    Does the bail application process grant me bail?

    The charged crime and circumstances of the case are what determines whether bail is an option or not. Learn more about arrestee’s rights.

    How we can help

    Bail lawyer & attorney services in Cape Town are trained and experienced in criminal defence and the bail application process, with a reputation for handling after-hours bail.

    We will ensure that your constitutional rights to a fair trial are upheld, in that no unreasonable delays are permitted in the State’s finalisation of any investigations against you.

    We are available to take your call 24 hours/7 days a week.

    Contact us for more information about the bail application process & procedure.

    Driving under the influence

    Driving under the influence could mean losing your driver’s licence. A criminal record can destroy your career.

    If you are accused we can help you by using our experience within the criminal justice system to make representations for diversion.

    Learn more about diversion and how we can help.