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Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
B.Bus.Sci (UCT), LLB (UCT), PDLP (UCT)

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    Arrestee’s Rights

    Who can get bail and who can not?

    The charged crime and circumstances of the case are what determines whether bail is an option or not. What is bail? Learn more.

    What should a person do when arrested?

    The best advice for an arrestee includes:

    – Calling a bail attorney or someone to contact a bail attorney as soon as possible to meet the arrestee and clarify the arrestee’s rights at the relevant police station in Cape Town, or elsewhere in South Africa.

    Taking note of arrestee’s rights:

    – The precise events and conversations that occur between the law and the arrestee.
    – The degree of force used in effecting the arrest.
    – Whether a warrant was shown.
    – Whether the arrestee was informed of their arrestee’s rights on arrest.
    – Whether the arrestee was allowed to contact a bail attorney.
    – Not inflaming the situation with the police.

    What are arrestee’s rights when arrested? Arrestee’s rights include:

    – To be informed of his/her rights as well as the consequences of not remaining silent.
    – To remain silent.
    – To not to be forced to make a confession that could be used against the arrestee.
    – To be brought before a court within 48 hours or by the end of the 1st working day after the weekend (whichever time comes last).
    – To be charged, or informed of the reason for continued detention, or released at the 1st court appearance.
    – To be released if the interests of justice permit, subject to conditions, e.g. bail.
    – To be informed of the right to institute bail proceedings. Contact us now

    Is it important to have an experienced, client-focused bail attorney?

    Yes, it is important to have an experienced bail attorney. The best facilitation, management of and advice on the bail process is what will likely minimise or completely prevent an arrestee being put in jail. Learn more about Bail Surety

    Holding cells and jails are dangerous.

    Everyone knows that the jails and police holding cells in most areas of Cape Town, including Khayelitsha, Sea Point, Milnerton and the surrounds, may be dangerous. An arrestee may face stressful holding conditions.

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    Simon Dippenaar & Associates are trained and experienced bail attorneys in Cape Town. Learn more about arrestee’s rights and how our services can help you or read our blog for further information.